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Heroes Martial Arts Academy Trussville
1840 Gadsden Hwy 112
BirminghamAL 35235
 (205) 540-1287
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Martial Arts Trussville AL

About Us

Teaching students of all ages how to be ready to defend yourself and at the same time, be disciplined in all areas of your life is the goal of Heroes Martial Arts Academy. Our hope is to teach the community the many benefits of martial arts in Birmingham and Trussville, AL.

We take both a community and a personal approach in order to create a friendly learning environment and an atmosphere in which everyone can find their own strengths and overcome their own weaknesses. You'll learn the disciplines of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, kickboxing, mixed martial arts, and general self-defense, all while finding out exactly why our motto is "Real Power Comes From Within."

For more information or to schedule an initial consultation, call Heroes Martial Arts Academy today at (205) 540-1287.

Our Programs

Heroes Martial Arts Academy Trussville has four martial arts programs from which you can choose. Whether you’re interested in learning the basics of self-defense or more intense fighting styles like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, we have a course for you.
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – Learn this highly effective self-defense system of ground fighting with Heroes Martial Arts Academy Trussville. This class is meant to teach smaller and weaker fighters to defend themselves in real-world situations that go to the ground.
  • Civilian Tactical – This program will teach anyone the basics of self-defense, so you have a well-rounded protection plan should real-world fighting scenarios arise.
  • CSW – Combat Submission Wrestling (CSW) teaches grappling fighting strategies to protect yourself.
  • Heroes Youth – This program will teach our fighting strategies at a pace designed for kids.
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Business Hours:

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